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“beyond the BEST” provides a wide range of services in Human Resources, IT, Financial – Accounting, Business Plans, ISOs & other certification systems, Marketing & Sales, C – SUITE Services and Training.

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“beyond the BEST” possesses the skills and the experience to support Supply Chain & Flow Management, such as, in Supplier Logistics, Procurement Management and, more specifically, in Supplier Logistics, Procurement Management, Inventories, etc.

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Our Team provides Online Services, such as, Business Opportunities, Consulting, Distance Learning, Library, Tools and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. There are many types of business strategy to implement according to the market environment. Some questions are critical, such as:

  1. Is there any form of strategy in the company; how old or new is it?
  2. Is the current business strategy suitable for a company to penetrate new markets or to create new customers? Does the strategy apply to the internal or the external environment or both?
  3. Is the business strategy understood by all staff/workers?
  4. Which is the current integration model for company’s business strategy?

b. The waves of electronomy (electronic & new economy) & innovation point to the key elements of business strategy for every company and this seems to be necessary more than ever.

  1. The drivers of business strategy are configured and are aligned by a series of important forces in order to develop the correct key elements.
  2. As we have more than 50+ business strategy drivers the complexity of this process is difficult to be analyzed from an internal point of view.
  3. The major issue is: Where does the company want to go in the future? Every company needs to have clear goals. The goals achieved, lead the way to maintain effectiveness as business grows.

c. How can “beyond the BEST” help other companies to develop effective business strategy?

  1. “beyond the BEST” is proficient in developing your business through suitable and practical business strategy and can adopt this strategy throughout the entire company, applying to all workers in all departments and to all functions, internal operational and administration systems and their sub-systems.
  2. “beyond the BEST” analyses in depth the company’s business environment and according to its business capabilities configures the suitable and applicable business strategy.
  3. “beyond the BEST” creates a comprehensive list of business objectives and it delivers the guidelines that constitute the foundation for the business strategy.
  4. Simply, ‘’beyond the BEST’’ delivers business strategy that works.

a. Principles applicable to change are:

  1. Heraclitus (535 B.C. – 475 B.C., a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher) stated that: ‘’everything flows’’ (with only two words that mean: ‘’all are under continuous change condition anywhere, everywhere’’)
  2. Darwin’s laws (1809 A.C. – 1882 A.C. – evolutionary philosopher) explain that: the laws of evolution/change (he describes how species can change in shape and character through selective breeding)
  3. Today days, Mark Zuckerberg said that: “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that is changing rapidly the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is to take no risks.”

b. The challenge for today’s leaders and companies.

  1. The need for change is always one of the most difficult projects in any organization / company. Nevertheless, the challenge for contemporary practices and innovative approaches to business thinking in a global economy are considered a ‘’MUST’’.
  2. Companies recognize the huge opportunities of change, transformation and growth of their business but they don’t know how to achieve this.

c. How can “beyond the BEST” help companies to change their critical functions and/or business model or even transform the way of doing business?

  1. “Beyond the BEST” is aware of the dire and dark side of change management projects. In effect it may prepare a success path of transformation avoiding pitfalls.
  2. In this respect, the expected results are: functional change or company transformation for business superiority or proficient capabilities.

a. How does a company deploy its human resources respective to its needs as well as to the individuals’ satisfaction?

  1. It is imperative to be able to match skills of individuals to specific operational activities.
  2. Companies need to recognize that the placement of people at certain positions require a great deal of consideration both technical (skills) and psychological.
  3. To achieve both efficiency and effectiveness, company policies need to be adjusted according to the profile of the individuals as well as the required results per case.
  4. It is common knowledge that policies and practices may apply to one company but can be a disaster to another even if these companies belong to the same business vertical and function in the same arena sharing large pieces of the same supply chain. The difference is the human variable in a complicated function that needs to yield winning results.

b. What can a company do to overcome this reef and ensure correct deployment?

  1. Training is a perpetual process. It applies to all levels of the company pyramid involving strategic, tactical and operational individuals. Training involves training trainers, key users and functional users.
  2. The human resources department needs to apply the respective procedures to blend the company’s operational needs with the capacity and willingness of the individuals.
  3. It is necessary to periodically re-visit the placements and assess the operational effectiveness and performance. This would smooth-out possible malfunctions and grudges that could harm the desired business performance.

c. How can “beyond the BEST” help other companies to develop an integrated human resource process?

  1. Highly skilled consultants can recognize the appropriate needs and populate each process and procedure with consistency.
  2. Experience in many diverse vertical businesses yield a knowledge base that can be effectively used to assess the viability of the operational matrix designed to support the company’s needs.


We are proud to say “beyond the BEST” for your Absolute Business Superiority.

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